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Saturday, March 28 2015
Today was overcast and unseasonably cold, with temperatures never rising much above freezing. Large flakes of snow fell for some hours in the late morning, though they didn't accumulate.
Mostly what I ate today consisted of sandwiches. I'd bought bagels yesterday at Hannaford, but there was also french bread that Susan and David had bought at Bread Alone. Typically my sandwiches these days contain Vegenaise, slices of pickled jalapeño peppers, two slices of peppered Tofurkey, slices of Bubbie's kosher dills, Real Pickles organic garlic sauerkraut (it smells exactly like bad garlic breath), Woeber's Sandwich Pal hot & spicy mustard, and whatever lettuce or spring greens we have on hand. If we had a part of an onion languishing in the refrigerator, I'd put that in there too, but we don't. That's a damn good sandwich, and a lot better than the lame sandwiches I used to make when leaned heavily on cheese.

This afternoon, I decided to incorporate an Atmega328 microcontroller directly on the board doing the multiplexing for my WMBA barometric array. So I installed a big 28 pin DIP socket, added a 16 MHz crystal, and wired up all the necessary wires. The mistake I then made was attempting to power it with a power supply that I assumed produced 3.3 volts but which actually produced 12 volts. I only had it powered this way for about ten seconds, but it was enough to make the Atmega328 hot to the touch, and that poor chip will never work again. Fortunately, they only cost about $1.50 when ordered on a slow boat from China. Happily, for some reason the two barometric sensors that were also hooked up to that same power bus experienced no apparent ill effects.

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