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shp.jpg (13k) Hormone Prisoners

September 1994 - Oil original - 48 by 24 inches


This picture reflects my view of the College party ritual, which I see as a somewhat religious phenomenon with sacraments (beer, dancing, sexual goings on, drugs, arrival, departure, etc.), and motivation (largely hormonal). In much the same way as religious people feel that they are currently imprisoned by their mortality and challenged by various forms of temptation on Earth and pain or pleasure in the afterlife, banal partiers are imprisoned by their hormones and challenged by the desire to come across well and receive either popularity and sex or unpopularity and no sex.

They breathe the ugly air and
stab her eyes with their glinting gazes.
Growing fat with the implications,
their gods show the way.

Who is that, in the womb of his dreaming
and a part of the floor
where there are no cats and dogs,
just geometric vaulting demons?

There is no line yet two remain
of the usual, indistinguishable,
except for temperature, both
going and coming.

Why did he change his mind?
For relief from boredom-no
For relief from pain-no
For relief from the absence of love.

She is here because she always is
and she is too, foe and friend,
former and future, hater and lover,
going and coming.

Why does my friend watch
his corpulent face in the mirror?
For a sense of pleasure-no
For the chance there will be no pain.

There are two cats and a dozen dogs.
The cats are leaving.
The dogs are denied.
The evening is done.

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