The Mark O. Barton Homepage

Hello! This is my home page! I like to trade stocks on my computer! I also like to do chemistry! I'm a chemist! I'm a really smart guy! People like me! My wife liked me! But I took care of her whining and bitching! Stocks are cool!

I don't know what I'd do if stocks ever dropped in value. I think I'd have trouble taking the craziness of it all. If someone ever tried to rip me off about my investments, you can be sure I'd retaliate in the most effective sort of way.

I have lots of guns so don't give me no shit! Anyone who doesn't believe me should see the punishment I've rained down on my beloved family!

Praise the internet! It gives folks like us a place to be!

I live in Atlanta, Georgia, and things can get weird here sometimes. Makes me want to pull out my old .45 and blast some holes in back road stop signs. I do that now and then when I have an especially miserable day at day trading.

some of my favourite linkies!

The NRA - they keep us free!

the Gus - he provokes me and I like to read his site to laugh at what a fool he is!

Stephen Cohen - seems cool!

Pro's Prose - like late 90s's rock and roll!

Neb Thos - like, it makes me want to shoot people

Butterfly Girl - I think about her when I masturbate!