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   November 2000

01: extra-special tucking in - I write Kim a $5000 convenience check and begin paying 21% interest.
02: personal legend - I start reading the Alchemist.
03: different standard of decadence - I hang out with my British colleagues.
04: it's just not so - Bathtubgirl still thought there was a chance I'd take her with me to London.
05: placing tiny ads - The world of Don LePre.
06: software cargo - I deliver a completed piece of code to a fellow developer.
07: close election - Watching history in the making on election day 2000.
08: the unpredictable unexpected - The election continues to be surreal.
09: eyes on the delta - Bush leads gore by as few as 225 votes.
10: structures needed to formulate - Terrible hangover and trying to figure out what happened.
11: webcast envelope - I realize that is actually pushing the webcast envelope.
12: thinking of things - Continuing to ponder the state of my social life.
13: baby clams and kidney beans - Midnight medical freakout.
14: on the coffee wagon - A new lease on life: no alcohol and coffee today. But then I drink wine anyway.
15: ideal facial profile - Checking out an Asian girl at a cafe.
16: Frank's morning cheer - He also tells me of a girl he'd like to shag.
17: guerilla bathroom decorating - Dried piss as opposed to sprinkled pubic hair.
18: conversation with an ice machine - I attend Laurie the DBA's going away party.
19: Griffith Park - I attend Laurie the DBA's going away party.
20: evaluate this - The director of product development stabs me in the back.
21: leave me alone I'm working - What it takes to get work done in the face of busybody soon-to-be-former colleagues.
22: turkey eve - Lofi at the Viper Room.
23: Thanksgiving salmon - My housemate John's sister cooks us with Thanksgiving at her house.
24: shrooms 2000 - John and I do mushrooms over at Linda & Julian's place.
25: bus versus Bronco - Another sunny day in Venice, California.
26: a benevolent proposal - Fernando proposes that Masta-Beta members join Big Brothers of America.
27: Stockholm Syndrome - I begin to wonder if my crush on my former boss is just a manifestation of Stockholm Syndrome.
28: perpetuating the weirdness - P.
29: wock owpwa - The best part of the rock opera Tommy is when his mom sings while applying lipstick.
30: big mustard - John and I get a half gallon of mustard.