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January - Frontpage Republican New Paltz McCartney Rondout Thai Indian Manhattan York Hudson Joe Millionaire D Surplus American Idol Newburgh Texas Crawl Upstate Stewart Jack Mountain

February - Columbia Americans NY Rosendale Caf Evil Osama Rovian America Valentine Windows Tampa Review Sarah Lawrence Home Garden Network

March - Virginia Shakespeare Italian Staunton Blackfriars Theatre Democrat State Driver Pentium Mary Purdy ID French SA PATRIOT Sally LEDs Radio Shack St Day Iraq Tommy Franks JFK London South Africa Cross Moya

April - Nyala Johannesburg Town Penguins Cape Good Hope African Knysna Lagoon Addo Elephant National Park Elizabeth Port Bush Grail Russian Tatu Titmouse OOB Mughal Raj Rhinebeck Britney Spears Races ASPs WASPyness SPCA

May - Shiraz Armadillo Grill SARS Betoven Toyota Lake Route Creek Mountain Inn Lord KaZaA The Postman Always Rings Twice Far From Heaven Alien Lanes Road

June - KFC Cod Mel Gibson Signs Mark Brooklyn Clove Trail Catskills Phoenicia Inquisition A Walk Moon Reservoir West OS Winged Migration WzAnDz HiLeZ P2P City Bard Vodkatea

July - Open Source G Montreal Bleue Parc Maisonneuve Mus Beaux Hell IDE Noah Edna Uptown John Vermont Hampshire Dartmouth Ray Rich House Food Mobil Accord Christo Dog Dutchess County SPCA Smokey Bandit George W Uday Qusay President Korean IY FM River Esopus Island Rip Van

August - RF Henry James Catskill Animal Sanctuary Fawn Leap Saugerties Adderall Children Corn Louis INs MP3 Y2K Russell Fording Place Friendster SoBig Eleanor Colgate Greene LLP Rob Halford Maverick

September - Labor France We UN HP Maverick Concerts Quadrangle Stick God WNBA Film Festival Falls Raveonettes Dam Road

October - Kippur Splendor Lomontville Stone Ridge Cat Matt Rogers Kitten FK UK British Frank Lisa United States Matrix USS Lincoln Hill Canary Mavis Clarence

November - Sam Point Nancy Shawangunk Massachussetts Boston Road Mystic Smart Story Slope Big Fun Jatasya Lynrd Skynrd O Brien WKZE Sharon Connecticut Civic Delite

December - Lenny Kravitz Lackawanna Six Hilton Phil Collins Eddie Vedder CA MoveOn GTV Christianity Jackie Brown Legos Long Linda Toughskins Sears Magical Lubricant Power Bottle Green Depot Bad Santa Maytag MAPP