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Monday, July 5 2004
This evening Gretchen and I went to a dinner party at the house of our photographer friends at the top of Eagle's Nest Road (not to be confused with the makeshift house lower down on Eagle's Nest where I am doing some cowboy electrician work). One of the things that makes this scene interesting is that we're by far the youngest people who are part of it. Few others in our age range live the rural-homeowner-freelancer lifestyle typical of that scene. We all hate George W. Bush, most of us have dogs, and at times we're all obsessed with working on our houses. But then each of us, to a person, has some strong manifestation of artistic obsession. For the Mr. and Ms. Eagles Nest, it's photography. I got to see Mr. Eagles Nest's basement "laboratory" today for the first time. It was nearly as cluttered as mine, though (since it's a smaller space) the clutter was less of a San Fernando Valley sprawl. The photography equipment was esoteric, big, and impressive, about what you'd expect of someone who regularly has his photos published in National Geographic. This highlights an important difference between our older friends and us; most of them are much more accomplished in life than we are.
I found myself having easy conversations with a variety of people. But there was still something difficult about it, and I think it had something to do with the age difference. With people of this age I feel like I have to overcome an assumption of youthful naivité, a task whose difficulty is made all the more severe by the fact that many of these people assume that I'm still in my mid-20s.

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