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   dogs die in hot cars
Tuesday, June 21 2005
It wasn't an especially hot day even if it was the first one of summer. But it was sunny and bright, and (being the solstice) the sun was high, so when I took the dogs with me into town, I had to either leave them in the car only briefly or take them into various establishments with me. One of the things I could count on was the inability to park in shade. Shade has traditionally been a low priority with parking lot contractors.
When I went to the headquarters of the Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union, the visit was brief enough that I could leave the dogs behind in the slightly-shaded lot. But at Lowes, there is no parking shade and my stays there tend to be kind of long. So today I brought the dogs in with me. I had them on leashes, but they were well enough behaved that I just let them drag their leashes around behind them. Most of the Lowes employees they encountered gushed about how cute they were, and surprisingly no one asked me what breed they are (the most common question after "are they brother and sister?" and "are they boys or girls?"). The woman who rang me up happened to be black, and she asked the question that it seems all Americans of African Origin ask about my dogs, "They don't bite?" It's rare to encounter a white person who is scared of my dogs, but most black people are. This isn't the only evidence I have that dogs in black neighborhoods tend to be mean, particularly when they look like they host a large number of Pit Bull genes, as Eleanor does.

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