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Wednesday, July 18 2007
Gretchen harvested broccoli and collard greens (which I may have mistakenly referred to as kale) from our garden today, along with an enormous amount of basil, which she quickly converted into pesto.
It's exhilarating to produce our own food, even if it's only a tiny fraction of our needs for a tiny fraction of the year. Self sufficiency is an addictive thing, which (for me) began as a plan to cut down on the amount of energy I needed to buy. In terms of energy, my combination of conservation and alternative production started off modestly, but now we're using only a third of the heating oil we used to. Who knows how far down the rabbit hole we'll go with this gardening? Who knows how much I'll chuckle about the modesty of the garden photographed in yesterday's entry?
Much of the motivation for this project is the realization that modern energy-intensive society is fast approaching its crisis. When the whole thing collapses (and it probably will within ten years), it will good to have my survival skills well-practiced.

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