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Monday, August 20 2007

Did temperatures manage to rise out of the 60s today? This is highly unusual weather for this time of year; it's as if Gretchen and I brought Scotland's weather home with us. Indeed, it was cloudy as well and this evening while I was washing dishes and listening to an archived episode of RadioLab (a sort of science-focused This American Life) on my headphones, I could feel the hot water gradually turning cool as it spent its last gallons over the dishes and my hands.
The episode of RadioLab I was listening to was the one called "Beyond Time," which dealt with issues such as free will. It was so fascinating that after the dishes were done, I needed another menial task to justify the continued occupation of my left brain. So I went out in the yard and gave it another mow. You can never mow too often when you use a spool mower.

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