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Thursday, August 23 2007

This afternoon Gretchen and I watched a DVD of So I Married an Axe Murderer, mostly for all its Scottish content. This ranged from recurring haggis humor to Rod Stewart's "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" performed on a bagpipe. Everything just sounds funnier when it's said with a Scottish accent, which was reason enough to make the Simpsons character Groundskeeper Willy Scottish.

Later Gretchen was very upset to find one of her women's basketball games (Connecticut vs. Indiana) pre-empted by (of all things) the Little League World Series. That tells you something about the status of women's basketball in the sporting pantheon. The baseball game ended somewhere in the fourth quarter of the basketball game in question, but Gretchen got almost as much watching in as she was supposed to have had because the game went into triple overtime, a first in the WNBA. By the end the players were so exhausted they were playing like sock puppets. Unfortunately for Gretchen, the officials seemed to be conspiring against Indiana (her favorite team) and Gretchen was screaming her outrage so persistently that our dog Eleanor ran over to comfort her. In the end Indiana lost by a small amount.

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