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Wednesday, October 17 2007
Today I added all the trickiest pieces to the west half of the solar deck annex, including that 72 inch pipe that braces its double-cantilevered southwestern corner by angling both upward and outward.
Since running into trouble with the building inspector two years ago, I've had a policy of always pre-painting my lumber before installing it so that it's difficult for the casual observer to distinguish between the stuff that was there and the stuff I'm in the process of adding. If one is building a complicated open-framework structure using pre-painted components, it is difficult to tell whether or not the structure has always existed or is in the process of being built. Think about the houses you routinely pass on your way to and from wherever it is you frequently drive. If one of their owners decided to make changes to one of them, but refrained from using bulldozers and unfinished materials, imagine how big the changes would have to be before you would notice them. I think most houses could have entire floor added to them and you'd drive by thinking, "Didn't they used to have a tree in their front yard? Or was it an AirStream trailer?"

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