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   October 2008

01: opposed to simply enlarging a void - I start prepping my foundation hole for serious foundation work.
02: puddle of flagpins and cue cards - What Sarah Palin doesn't do when debating Joe Biden.
03: Woodstock Film Festival in Rosendale - An independent movie entitle Prince of Broadway.
04: microclimate 300 feet away - Attending the downhill neighbor's 80th birthday.
05: tough market - Scavenging a going-out-of-business sale in Kingston, NY.
06: survive in a world without a functioning economy - Listening to Chicago Public radio and building a greenhouse.
07: Potemkin town hall - The second Obama-McCain debate.
08: every semantically possible place - Eighty pound objects worth $3.75 and other things.
09: some sort of comapssionate gesture - Putting spiders outside before flea bombing.
10: October indian summer - Also, the prices per pound of various commodities.
11: small world dumper - A mysterious box dumped in the woods contains materials belonging to someone I know.
12: dumped non-Windows computer - A computer I find along the road near my house runs Linux.
13: informed subconscious - Difficulties setting concrete blocks.
14: twelve blocks - I install twelve blocks along the lowest tier of my greenhouse masonry wall project.
15: pander without biofeedback - The last of the presidential debates, 2008.
16: corporate pseudopodia - I get a part time gig working for a company down in the city.
17: the cozy quality - It's pine needle burning season again.
18: carpenter malpractice - New siding on rotten framing.
19: first flatness of plateau - A good place to look for remnants of the bluestone capstone.
20: stolen rawhide distraction - Sally.
21: fear of frost - It's getting colder and block laying is slow.
22: locavore hell - A diner fix in Kingston, NY.
23: Palin and Turing - I'm not the first to think of it, and I won't be the last.
24: preachers for my choir - Obsessively checking campaign news before an election.
25: pressurized water in the cracks - A strong rain reveals temporary artesian springs in my greenhouse floor. Also, a review of Young at Heart.
26: almost-never-gourmand-pleasing - A pot luck birthday party in Woodstock.
27: Home the Depot - Finishing the south wall's masonry.
28: two power outages - An early winter storm brings wind, sleet, and the 19th Century.
29: power outage morning - I can't even drink my favorite coffee.
30: demanding of precision - I install 23 concrete blocks on my greenhouse project.
31: Trig Palin's extra chromosome - Halloween, 2008.