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   November 2008

01: sprinkling on the MSG - A book reading and signing in Rhinebeck.
02: South Wall Street - Attending a brunch at a stone mason's house.
03: wee wedge-shaped - Still building my wall.
04: Obamathon - From Hurley to Philadelphia to Harlem.
05: no papers - Obama's historic win precipitates a newspaper draught.
06: nightmare is ending - Happy to listen to the news after Obama's historic win.
07: avoiding any survivors - Cleaning the nasty basement before houseguests come.
08: all the kids and meat - At a birthday party in Woodstock.
09: cement factories north of Saugerties - Driving around going to real estate open houses with our Brooklyn friends.
10: last block - My prolonged concrete block installationathon is finally over.
11: ninety year old orangutan - Exposure to cold wet clay.
12: far enough down the core - Using scrap iron as rebar in a concrete block wall.
13: hundreds of foot-pounds - Welded steel in for the concrete block cores.
14: Chronogram party - Also, the last masonry on my greenhouse project.
15: despite the weather and the recession - Also, my greenhouse project begins to enter its carpentry phase.
16: cold weather masonry push - Setting the last of my anchor bolts.
17: uneasy relationship with a chainsaw - It's not too reliable and terribly dangerous, so I don't look forward to dates with it.
18: geriatric furniture along the Esopus - Walking the dogs past grim reminders of a former leaseholder where a taxidermist now resides.
19: hand hurt cold - I try to work outside but the wind and the cold make it impossible.
20: cold weather carpentry - It's cold but at least it's not windy.
21: stiff upper rail - Something to support the horizontal stress of the big greenhouse windows.
22: wood-chipper-like aparatus - No empathy for Sarah Palin's lack of empathy.
23: pole in the cold - Up on a metal pole installing hardware for a passive solar tracker.
24: lag bolts and hurricane clips - Things I use in my rapid-assembly carpentry.
25: boiler debugging - On the day before a road trip, the boiler refuses to start.
26: list conceit - Roadtrip soundtrack through New Jersey.
27: low-disturbance Thanksgiving - Another vegan feast in Silver Spring, Maryland, this time with the children in another room.
28: votelessly embedded - Museum tour on black Friday.
29: discover its burrito - Every cuisine has its burrito.
30: lag bolts and hurricane clips - Things I use in my rapid-assembly carpentry.