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Wednesday, April 20 2011
You know what day this, 420 dudes and dudettes! As for me, the only mind-altering chemical I consumed today was caffeine. (I'm always making such a big deal about 4:20, both the time and the date, just because it's so goofy. The truth is that I almost never smoke pot.)
The weather forecast predicted warmth flowing in today from the south, but it never really happened, perhaps because this forecast assumed the arrival of a warm front in front of a cold front. Such complicated convergences of frontal systems are still evidently create too much chaos to adequately model. By mid afternoon all precipitation had ended, but there wasn't much fog and temperatures (at first predicted to rise into the upper 60s) never climbed out of the 50s.
Still, the weather was nice enough for outdoor work, which had the side effect of catching me up on some of my podcasts. Today I got started building an awning over the greenhouse door, which (in the past at least) has suffered from overexposure to the elements. Part of the motivation for this job was the desire to create a dry outdoor place to where I could put the zapper controller for the invisible fence that I might resurrect if Eleanor continues her bicycle-chasing ways. The advantage of putting the controller down at the greenhouse is that it would keep the fence away from the house, allowing Eleanor, when wearing the zapper collar, to go around the north end of the house and down to the septic field knoll, the position from which she likes to occasionally bark at our downhill neighbors.

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