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   spring rains and hosting pains
Monday, April 25 2011
Today was another rainy one. You think you have an idea of a region's seasonal rhythms, and then another season comes and you realize your assumptions were wrong. April showers bring May flowers, but this might be the first year since we moved here that April has been so rainy. If it keeps up like this, I might come to tap the mighty Chamomile River (our tiny seasonal brook) for hydroelectric power, something it might be able to deliver at least as reliably as power from the wind or the sun.

On and off for much of today I found myself dealing with yet another headache that all seemed to be related to a failing server they found every excuse not to examine. You yell at them, you use every communication tool at your disposal, and they do nothing. Godaddy has a whole infrastructure designed to give you the run around. Of course, if I had it to do over again, I would never have chosen as a host for this (or any of my other) clients. I recently did some work on a website for a guy who, among other things, gives out grants to elephant conservationists in Africa. And then, while I was down in Virginia, the CEO of Godaddy had to prove his manhood by killing an elephant. That was how I came to spend so much of my coffee shotp time in Virginia moving a website to a hosting company with a CEO who has not appeared in internet videos shooting endangered wildlife.

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