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   March 2012

01: tempeh from fava beans - It's extra funky, and I mean that in the best possible way.
02: the one who looks at my glasses the most - Why I might get fancier frames than the ones that would suit me fine.
03: new dog from Brooklyn - We also get some good vegan soul food and some stepped-on Indian buffet.
04: dogwarming - Friends come over to meet our new dog Ramona.
05: not enough toys - For a hard chewing dog.
06: acid reflux in the City - I take the bus down to Manhattan and end up punished by my stomach.
07: if the funk means as much - Making my second batch of fava bean tempeh.
08: warm weather, a close dog, and a possibly-bad yagi - Wifi experiment in the nearby woods.
09: Ramona not ready for the dump - I'd like Ramona to have a bit more experience and training before letting her run around in that chaos.
10: boiler off, 2012 - But it's still bone-numbingly cold to do outdoor stuff with one's fingers.
11: March combo birthday party - And we finally visit Canary Falls.
12: many hours I will never get back - Marco Polo food at the grand finale for this season's the Bachelor.
13: 75 and peepers - Also, a good solution to the midlife blahs.
14: pole sawing the widowmaker - The neighbors offer me a challenging tropical storm blowdown firewood opportunity.
15: trunks down - Also, an exceptionally good USB WiFi adapter.
16: visual ranging - Figuring out where on our land we might have a view of Old Hurley.
17: distant view of Old Hurley - Weird new WiFi hot spots and such when carrying a netbook into the forest.
18: waiting for Waiting for Godot to end - Suffering through the worst stage drama ever written.
19: Makerbot arrives - When my expensive birthday present arrives, Gretchen figures she won't be seeing much of me for the next few days.
20: Makerbot day two - My play gets interrupted by work.
21: goodbad - Makerbot Industies isn't all that similar to Verizon.
22: bow practice - I'd hadn't fired an arrow since I was a little kid.
23: archery-based tree pruning - I successfully cut off a branch about sixty feet above the ground using a compound bow and a rope-powered chainsaw.
24: neglected trails and a previously-watched movie - Sex as an concept in the head of a bright, imaginative six year old is very different from how an adult thinks about it.
25: limits of parsley - Too much in the couscous. Also, too much doggy energy.
26: return of Bad Rhymes - Sometimes people just keep coming back into your life unannounced.
27: Gus meets our cats - A shy Boston Terrier meets his physical equals.
28: celebrate with Indian food - Hopefully that food is vegan, since the book being celebrated is about animal rights issues.
29: mini-carnival - I finally get my Makerbot working, but still no good print outs.
30: four rawhides - One gives Sally some good memories, but ultimately Ramona eats them all.
31: tedious loaf of sanctimony - Listening again to contemporary Christian rock.