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   December 2012

01: tinkering failure - Trouble with a Pogoplug. Also: Uptown Kingston is now on the way to Old Hurley.
02: Dutchess' best day - Fostering a bony Pit Bull mamma from the shelter.
03: first night in the greenhouse upstairs - Gretchen and I give our bed to our guests and try sleeping in the new space I made.
04: fostering another day - Dutchess gets another day in heaven as our houseguests move on to their next destination.
05: fixing the pisser II - After two and a half years, I need to dump in another bottle of Liquid Plumbr.
06: prefect combination of sugar and grease - Why food from the Little Bear tastes so good.
07: snuggling with a bowling ball - Some cats are not good snugglers.
08: good beer and crap beer - And why it's best bought at a Citgo or a gas station with a beer cave, not Hess.
09: now her name is Marigold - We foster Dutchess again and find that our local Indian restaurant isn't as good as it usually is.
10: upsold at Radio Shack - I end up buying 36 alkaline batteries I had not expected to buy.
11: Allou brings the stank - And I can't even wash it off the hands that put scones to my mouth.
12: 433 MHz brain suck - Thanks a lot, Meade, for making a beautiful weather station with truly craptacular sensor reception.
13: evening coffee - Why I didn't get to sleep until 3:00am.
14: retroactively-flavored lasagna - You can salt soup; complex noodle dishes are more problematic.
15: passive aggression in Tillson - It's not always what happens on the surface that makes the news.
16: movie time at Keegan Ales - Watching a film where people try to reach Andrew Cuomo through song.
17: too craptacular to watch - The 80s were terrible, but not quite as cheesy as portrayed in Rock of Ages.
18: beneath the old carpet - A mysterious white powder and freakishly-discolored OSB.
19: multiple antifreeze spills - A ruptured expansion tank. But also a nice new bamboo floor for the first floor office.
20: blue office - Another step in the colorization of our household interior.
21: the Baby lives on - An unsuccessful appointment with a reluctant Grim Reaper.
22: carpentrical crime - When not to shoot a soffit full of nails so that its disassembly is near-impossible.
23: IR rangefinding - Experiments with yet another way to measure fuel levels.
24: power line capacitors - They're not something you can just blow off, as it happens.
25: Jewish Christmas, 2012 - Django Unchained & a Tandy Model 102, but no Chinese food.
26: Boxing Day snowpocalypse - And I paint a tiny painting to make up for a Christmas imbalance.
27: old technology successfully talks to new - A Tandy Model 102 monitors the data on an Arduino.
28: infrared rangefinding not so good for fuel measurement - The problem is the inconsistencies of the readings when the tank is not even half empty.
29: thoughts of a buoyant rod - Another idea for measuring fuel level in a tank.
30: serial Slave - Perhaps I can use a simple serial cable as a replacement for I2C when cable length is an issue.
31: end of 2012 - What began at Paul's church ends there.