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   January hailstorm
Sunday, January 10 2016
The day was unseasonably warm, with highs in the 50s (Fahrenheit), though that was all about to change. Heavy rains had been falling all day, but by this evening a crazy storm blew through. Not only was there lightning and thunder (which is very rare at this time of year), but there was also pea-sized hail. Enough fell to briefly accumulate on the ground before melting in the comparatively-warm rain. Sleet is a similar-looking and common kind of precipitation at this time of year, but it's fundamentally different. Sleet is simple rain that freezes as if falls through cold air from low clouds. Hail, on the other hand, is balls of ice that are formed high up in powerful cumulonimbus clouds. Water freezes in layers to ever-growing hailstones, which don't fall from the sky until their surface-area-to-weight ratio falls below something the winds can hold aloft.

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