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   June 2019

01: the friendliest mosh pit - Jeff and Alana get married at Opus 40.
02: woodpecker surveillance - Also, a gin-drinking visitor from Washington, DC passes through.
03: how could Nexafed actually be a product? - Imagine trying to compete with a better, cheaper product with the selling point that your product makes criminal activity harder for other people.
04: telescope-based surveillance camera - Attaching a cheap kids' telescope to a Raspberry Pi camera.
05: Clarence disappears - He was seen eating his breakfast and then he vanished.
06: Raymour and Flanigan hot sauce disaster - While cracking up about this brand, I overflavored my kimchi noodles.
07: Lovecraftian dread, Lynchian cat, and a dead baby fawn - A poetry reading in Hudson followed by a Neville-related fright.
08: Dr. Neville and Mr. Guard - Getting a dead fawn away from Neville. Also, retrying Armadillo on the Rondout.
09: Sunday gunday not such a funday - Crazy Dave shows how to deal with gun nuts ruining the tranquility.
10: colleagues questioned at Cancun - A new co-worked from Ecuador.
11: pileated woodpecker gender roles - The things you learn from effortless observation.
12: how natural selection adds features to organisms - But, when working with Angular, it's not quite enough.
13: more on pileated woodpecker gender roles - The more I watch the woodpecker video feed, the mpre I learn.
14: replaced by far more melodious singing - A tired-looking woodpecker and a dead wren.
15: so are too are gas stations - Indian restaurants aren't the only businesses usually run by Indians from India.
16: Gold Emblem cashews - Trust me, they're terrible.
17: what happens at Cancun - A crazy lunch in Red Hook.
18: back in Black Mirror - Though Striking Vipers wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be.
19: what is this plant doing in my sandwich? - A fire alarm at work, and then bad internet sends me home early.
20: peaches and poison ivy - Things one can find along the side streets of Red Hook, NY.
21: as far down as the turtles go - Things I don't like about C# followed by something I do like. Also, I climb into the Prius at the end of the day to find it has a flat tire.
22: savory granola - The best discovery at a dinner party.
23: down at that Wawlmark - I buy something from Kingston Walmart for the first time perhaps ever.
24: tragedy had already been priced in - Another dead house wren in the yard.
25: entirely towards making things - Things others do that I don't have to.
26: a compile has huge consequences on morale - Bitching about Angular, the Javascript framework.
27: diffused across a vast number of files - At least two similes for what it's like looking at Angular libraries.
28: a compile has huge consequences on morale - Bitching about Angular, the Javascript framework.
29: you're not even alive - If you're not backed up on a drive. Watching Pantera videos on YouTube leads me to a weird piece of pop music gold.
30: swallowed by the forest - Sixteen-year-old trails are dissolving from neglect.