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Tuesday, October 8 2019
Last night I spent part of the night sleeping on the couch in the living room. But then Neville the Dog joined me, and his increasingly-aggressive snuggling made it hard for me to get back to sleep. So I relocated to the upstairs in the greenhouse, where sleeping is always pretty easy.
Our neighbor Andrea has dropped off so many cucumbers that it's hard to imagine how I will ever eat them all. So today I had one at work, and I'd periodically cut off a few slices and eat them. It took me over an hour to eat the whole thing, but I did.

After drinking a fair amount of kratom tea, I was feeling pretty good once I got home from work. But then, as I was trying to figure out why an application configuration on that should've resulted in logged data was doing no such thing, I started feeling bad, mostly in my stomach. Eventually it seemed best to lie down in bed, where Diane the Cat quickly decided to join me. On my back, I was much more comfortable, and so was able to watch YouTube videos. At work, most of my YouTube content is related to true-crime and atheism, but my feed at home (which is on a different profile) has been giving me more music reactions and analysis as well as recreational mathematics. (I usually abort the video the moment Alex Hefner says that the music video he'd supposedly never watched before "gives me goosebumps.")

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