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Wednesday, October 16 2019
There was a warm rain falling as I drove with Ramona home from work this afternoon. It had been colder earlier in the day, and the heat hasn't yet been switched on for the season, so it was actually colder inside the house than it was outside. So I opened up the door to let the heat in from outside. I would do the same thing with the laboratory window. But first I should note that there's been the gnawing smell of death in the laboratory of late, and the smell has been getting stronger. Today I noticed it right away when I walked into the laboratory. It still wasn't so bad that I couldn't get used to it within a seconds, but something had to be done. So I followed my nose around the laboratory, climbing every olfactory gradient that seemed to lead towards it. It didn't take long to find the source: a dead chipmunk behind my computer desk, about four or five feet from my nostrils. Decomposition hadn't actually proceeded all that far. I picked it up by a foot and flung it out the laboratory window into the rain. See you in the next node of the multiverse, little guy!
I bought myself the right to drink by painting a quick little image of the planet Saturn as viewed from somewhere far beyond Earth. It's rather like the paintings I've been doing of ocean life on black backgrounds.

Ramona today in the field to the south east of the complex where I work. I think the stakes are the preliminary work for a large solar panel installation.

Vultures flying south.

A cold bumble bee still doing the Lord's work. Google Image Search tells me this is lemon beebalm. If correct, that would be my first use of the fruits of machine learning for plant identification. I do not think it is correct, though, as the petals look to be the wrong shape.

Today's painting of Saturn.

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