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Friday, October 25 2019
I spent a yet another workday hacking again at this Angular 5.X app that I've transplanted into a working Angular 8 app, a procedure that is similar to transplanting a nucelus from one cell into a different, denucleated cell. The error messages were plentiful and mostly unhelpful when Googled. Occasionally I'd undertake a series of measures that didn't seem all that different from measures I'd taken in the past (usually involving the uninstallation and reinstallation of NPM libraries) and I'd make some sort of breakthrough, and a whole tangle of errors would vanish. Then, late in the afternoon, after installing the Font-Awesome module (which just seemed like a style sheet library, not something that would be an NPM module), the damn thing finally compiled successfully for the first time. The app was a blank white screen with a huge list of errors in the console, but this was such long-sought progress that I actually bragged about it in a Slack post to Alex, one where I asked to be able to work from home on Monday. He came over and wanted to see what the site looked like, so I showed him the white screen and all the errors. I then said that I hate this sort of work, that it isn't programming at all. I described it being more like kicking a dog until it behaves.
Meanwhile Gretchen had driven off to Pittsburgh, where she will be giving several readings from her new poetry collection, Visiting Days.

On my way home tonight, I did my usual Friday rituals. First I stopped at the Stewart's at the south edge of Red Hook, where I put air in the Subaru's slowly-leaking rear passenger-side tire (it was down to 12 psi). I bought a sixer of road beer, in this case Bronx Brewery No Resolutions IPA. (With its citrusy initial flavors, at first I thought I was going to really like it, but the finish is a bit weird and dissonant for an IPA.) At the Tibetan Center thrift store, I noted that new electronic items were being aggressively priced. Did they really think they'd be able to get $8 for a six-outlet surge-suppressor? Or $30 for a dual-cassette tape deck? My goal today was just to get a durable microwave-safe plate for use at work, so I never have to use another paper plate. My initial vision was for it to be plastic. But, strangely, there were no plastic plates available at the Tibetan Center. I certainly didn't want some old ugly ceramic plate (or anything I might have to worry about breaking). I do a fair amount of cutting (with a knife) when preparing tomatoes or peppers for my pupusas and sauerkraut, and it was also important that the plate not contribute much to the dulling of the knife. In the end, I settled on a small rectangular wooden plate, which I got for $3 (which seemed reasonable).
Back at the house, I took the dogs for a walk and did some more work on my stone wall. And then I did what I usually do when I am alone in the house: I smoked a bunch of pot and drank a fair amount of liquor while watching YouTube videos, mostly musical in nature.

Sunrise this morning on the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge. The bridge heads somewhat southeastward, which means that the sun will rise directly from the roadway within a few weeks.

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