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Tuesday, April 6 2021
Today was another amazingly beautiful day, featuring sunny skies and temperatures well into the 60s.

At the end of the day, I drove with the dogs out to Home Depot for the first time in months. Gretchen had been making me boycott those fuckers for their support of Donald Trump's candidacy, but (as I pointed out at the time) are they really any worse than Walmart-owned Lowes? Since then, Gretchen has committed her own retail sin, buying a transparent plastic Vitamix lid stopper on Amazon Prime after accidentally blending the old one. Though Gretchen hates Amazon for what it is has done to small bookstores, that was the only place where such stoppers could be bought. (Gretchen tried to make her purchase as unprofitable for Amazon as possible, signing up for Amazon Prime to get free shipping and then immediately canceling her membership.)
Anyway, back to my retail excursion today. On my way to Home Depot, I stopped at AutoZone to get rear rotors for the Subaru. There was a big sign on the AutoZone door saying that masks were mandatory, but most of the customers and employees weren't wearing their masks correctly, failing to cover their noses and sometimes even their mouths. I suppose people who work on their cars aren't particularly woke to the dangers of coronavirus, and it's for this reason that I probably shouldn't go into an auto parts place again until I am fully vaccinated.
The dangers of the coronavirus-negligent continued in Home Depot, where there was a couple that included a man whose mask covered only his chin and a woman with no mask at all. I was sure to hold my breath whenever walking through their wake. In a way it was good that they were so clearly signalling their inattention to the global pandemic, since if they'd been wearing masks, I wouldn't've known to avoid their exhaled breath so obsessively. I was there at the Home Depot mostly to get one by six planks for making a long drawer to go under the lowest step on the steps to the laboratory deck, though I also got some large, shallow plastic containers and a storage chest handle (for that new drawer).
Back at the house, someone had made spaghetti with "meat" sauce, which is always a good thing to have for dinner. As I was washing the dishes afterwards, one of the tenants from the Downs Street house called to say that the damn washing machine had fallen off the pallet it sits on, dumping water all over the floor. This was the second time this had happened, and I was sure I never wanted it to happen again. So I immediately prepared some plywood and planks and drove out there, where I proceeded to make it to the washing machine could never fall off the pallet ever again. I covered the pallet with plywood and then scewed a low wall of wooden strips around its base. This all took only about twenty minutes. Considering that it had fallen over and dumped water everywhere on two different occasions, the washing machine looked surprisingly good. I couldn't see a single dent or scratch anywhere.

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