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Sunday, April 25 2021
I've finished painting all the floor under the table in the middle of the east ceiling-wall of the laboratory and have moved on to painting much of the floor under a table near the southwest corner of the laboratory. That table has a horizontal plank connecting the two hind legs between four and eight inches above the floor. Behind that plank is some of the deepest of the laboratory's many "deep storage" locations. Among the things back there are two Macintosh SEs, a box full of mostly music CDs (to which I have little sentimental attachment), two plastic bags of crushed aluminum cans (from when I was drinking Modelo) with other aluminun scraps, and 22 empty Evan Williams bourbon bottles (which I'd like to use in a translucent masonry wall). I've gotten that stuff out of there in stages, cleaned up the mouse turds, and by the end of the today, I'd repainted it all. I've been leaving the existing shapes mostly as they were, but in some places (such as back there), where I was likely to paint large swaths in a single color (in this case white), I've added new shapes (in this case a large yellow blob). I have to do a lot of kneeling and crawling in such low-overheard areas, and the thin layers of flesh between the hard foor and my bones hasn't been happy. I also have a weird, possibly age-related condition on my kneecap and elbow skin that has made it dry, scaly, and itchy.
Also by the end of the day, I'd used all but the last few dregs of the problematic gallon of glossy white paint, the one with the large clots in it. I was at the point where I was turning the can upside down and letting what remained slowly drip out (in this case, onto the floor back behind the desk in the northwest corner of the laboratory, where I wanted to further thicken the floor paint).

Meanwhile, the coming week in my remote workplace was looking to be a busy one as we transitioned away from the Ukranian outsourcing team to depend entirely (eventually) on in-house talent (such as me). I know just enough about the code to feel despondently ignorant in a Dunning-Kruger kind of way, so I've been trying to build a single feature in Angular while being continually thwarted by the ponderous nature of the application, with its thousands of dependencies. Still, I made enough progress today to feel like I am on the right track.


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