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   installing damaged flooring and eating peanut stew
Wednesday, December 1 2021 [REDACTED]

After working from home today, I went down to the basement and resumed work on the floor installation project in Powerful's room, this time with the mindset that it was alright to use vinyl planks with broken-off corners. Sure, it would look like shit. But once you've made your mind content with this, it doesn't matter. Nevertheless, I was careful to put the pieces with visible damage in the part of the room where the bed will be.
At some point Natalie arrived to hang out with Powerful. She ended up staying for dinner, which was a delicious African-style peanut stew that Gretchen whipped together mostly from the leftovers from what I'd made yesterday. It being a highly informal dinner, the four of went upstairs to watch Jeopardy! while we ate it. The stew was so good that I went back for thirds, while Powerful (who still has a weak appetite) and Natalie (who still has an eating disorder) only had single servings.
I finished the bulk of the floor installation before 11:00pm, leaving the entranceway and closet to be done tomorrow.
Another thing that happened today was that between Gretchen and me (though it was mostly Gretchen), we managed to achieve Queen Bee while playing the New York Times Spelling Bee. That's three times in the last three weeks!

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