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   December 2022

01: a fresh perspective on Christine McVie - Listening to You Make Loving Fun after eating cannabis.
02: Woodworth Lake levels up - To my alarm, the lake has risen so high that my dock winterization measures have become insufficient.
03: inspections I could've easily failed to do - It wasn't just the lake level that worked against my expectations. So did a tiny leak in the upstair's bathroom's drainage plumbing.
04: our niece's new dog - He's a big change from a froofy poodle from an Amish breeder.
05: pretty weak basis for a laptop - Tinkering with a PiTop 2.0.
06: tankless hot water heater #3 - They only last a few years, sadly.
07: a good day and a heavy load - Things are finally starting to be okay in the remote workplace. And I gather an especially heavy load of white ash.
08: customizing the Pi-Top - It's starting to remind me of the VIC-20 I tricked out as a teenager.
09: new lesbian-friendly pizza joint in High Falls - The pizza is pretty good too, though there's a hefty upcharge for vegan cheese.
10: too much Mexican food - Meeting friends at the Bear Cantina on a chilly night.
11: tap-to-click from satan - Why I might not be making much use of the Pi-Top. Also, watching the finale of the third season of the White Lotus and Ray and Nancy's place.
12: two-bath gut ache - I think I took too much pseudoephedrine over the past five days.
13: not as bored as Diane the Cat - My guts are feeling better but it's hard to get my mind around starting something new.
14: silver maple salvage in the Forester - More wood than expected at Ray & Nancy's, and it's already cut up.
15: soon-to-be debt-free atheists - I get two carloads of salvaged silver maple and the arrival of money means that, once it clears, we can pay off our one debt, which is a mortgage with a $40,000 balance.
16: not enjoying Nope - I write a spider to confirm my journal entries are all there, and Gretchen and I watch (but do not enjoy) the movie Nope.
17: Darlings in Tillson - A vegan-friendly hipster comfort-food restaurant in a not-very-hipster part of the Hudson Valley.
18: procrastination is an easy thing to atone for - Also, gathering lots of firewood and a good percocet experience.
19: Hanukkah lion's mane - A gift for Gretchen is really a gift for Neville.
20: plenty of dry whiteash - Perfect for bulking up the indoor firewood supply. Also, watching Letterkenny.
21: free-hand US map - A Wednesday painting exercise.
22: Thai food anyway - A local production by a theatre group is canceled, so we don't drive to New Paltz and have dinner at a Thai restaurant. But Gretchen makes Thai food anyway.
23: masked up at Blackbird - Buying stuff of Facebook Marketplace and meeting friends at an anarchist community center before the arrival of a very cold air mass.
24: junk boxes from the garage - Trying to make good on my Christmas responsibilities.
25: post-Covid Christmas - Back eating again in Chinese restaurants and sitting in movie theatres.
26: not Hispanic enough - Evidently there aren't enough people wanting tostadas at the 9W Hannaford for them to stock that product.
27: sometimes it's easier to fix something than to return it - Narrowly avoiding another passport fiasco and dealing with various soldering irons.
28: Don sleeps without heat - My brother has been sleeping in the same room since 1976 even though the heat in that house no longer works.
29: Le Potato in a Pi Top - It fits nicely, but most of the OS images don't seem to work.
30: rotten copper pipe on Wall Street - Also, dealing with various dead tankless electric hot water heaters, being served non-vegan cheese on the sly, and visiting Ray at work.
31: new crop of sickly geriatric dogs - Card games at a New Years' Eve get together in Palenville.