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   November 2023

01: walls east of the go cart track - Charlotte and Neville join me on a late afternoon stroll.
02: introducing La Florentina to new friends - And Charlotte acts out by pissing in at least three places she's not supposed to.
03: Durock is not for those suffering from trypophobia - Its tiny holes do not accept much paint.
04: easy half-floating dock jacking - I almost have the winterization of the dock down to a routine.
05: carrying Neville through a swamp - A dinner with one of Gretchen's newer friends after returning from the cabin.
06: a mostly well-behaved Charlotte - She has some adventures on her own but doesn't get into trouble.
07: YouTube classics - I gather three backpack loads of firewood while YouTube suddenly starts serving me classics from my history. Also: a progressive victory on abortion in Ohio.
08: Charlotte's ways of acting out - She destroys the packaging around an item that was delivered. And she tears the spine off a book.
09: conflict between Neville and Charlotte - After a road trip together, Neville decides he'd rather Charlotte not join him in bed.
10: Neville and Charlotte are still friends - There is no apparent lingering damage to their relationship.
11: bean bag cuddle puddle - When Neville decides to climb the stairs and lie on the bean bag, Charlotte is delighted and even lets me snuggle with her.
12: Charlotte wags her tail - After another ordeal of getting her into the car so we can leave the cabin, Charlotte doesn't manifest happiness until Gretchen gets home.
13: 100% of zero - My old boss Alex has the first meeting of a nascent company that probably won't amount to anything.
14: off to Lisbon - Our dogs come with us to the airport and something about New Jersey gives Charlotte the Hershey squirts.
15: a taste of Lisbon - We eat lunch while waiting for our room at the fancy hotel.
16: cloudy sunset over Lisbon - We hike to the Castelo de São Jorge and then try to find a place to watch the sunset.
17: eBiking to Belém - The last full day of our stay in Lisbon.
18: train to Porto - After walking, taking a taxi, riding a train, doing some more walking, and taking a bus, we finally board a vegan riverboat.
19: Pinhão. - The first full day on the Douro River in Portugal.
20: up the Douro's locks - And ending the day trying to choke down a huge piece of pumpkin.
21: Salamanca, Spain - Great European architecture and terrible vegan food.
22: down the Lamego steps - Easy to walk down, not so easy to climb on your knees.
23: quiz night on the Andorinha - Gretchen I pull nearly all the weight on our four-person team.
24: Aveiro - Feeling very sleepy in coastal city with a few canals.
25: US Immigration no longer staffed by assholes - Maybe that embarrassing phase of American history is over, given the evidence on our return from Portugal.
26: spaghetti and a possible illness - Perhaps I actually did catch something on the boat or the plane.
27: a rat and a dog chewing on things - And I'm feeling so poorly I don't have the energy to keep up with it.
28: covid again - Somehow I fucking got that disease a second time. But Gretchen is still unaffected.
29: acetaminophen actually dulls a sore throat - It's been important for this particular battle with covid.
30: maybe we should just eat Charlotte - She destroys a pair of headphones before we can use them even once. But I'm finally solidly on the mend after my second bout with covid.