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   peak spring, 2024
Wednesday, May 15 2024
I took advantage of a 150 mg dose of pseudoephedrine and rainy conditions to make a heroic effort to fix lingering bugs in my remote control system. I found a number of egregious bugs along the way, including one that made it so that only one token ever ended up getting replaced with a sensor value in the conditions string providing the intelligence to turn remote circuits on remotely. To track such issues down, I had to do a bunch of logging from data.php (the faceless "web page" that sends data to the microcontrollers). In so doing, I also managed to find a fairly serious bug that had somehow gone undetected in the microcontroller code (something that won't be fixed until I'm up at the cabin again and can reflash the firmware on an NodeMCU in the basement).
There was a little break in the rain at around noon and Neville seemed to want to go for a walk, so we went to near the end of the Farm Road and then east into the forest and over to the Stick Trail, walking mostly just east of the wetland. The rain had really brought out the red efts and I had to be careful not to step on them. Peak springtime has definitely arrived; I saw my first hummingbird either yesterday I think it was.
I decided that now that it had automation capabilities, my remote control system was now complete enough to be celebrated with drinking, so I started doing so in the mid afternoon. But I didn't get carried away. After watching Jeopardy!, we saw the third episode of Baby Reindeer

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