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   June 2024

01: Virginia Pond - A walk to something I'd seen in the satellite view of Google Maps.
02: a ruffed grouse outsmarts Charlotte the dog - After I complete the layout of the Lake Edward trail, I decided to soak in Woodworth Lake. On the walk there, we encounter a mother ruffed grouse.
03: forests that resemble grasslands - The gypsy moth infestation has opened up the canopy so much that sedges are making the forest floor resemble a grassland.
04: a team of competent roofers - Roofing quickly and correctly seems to be muscle memory for them.
05: next-level frantic activity - I don't even have privacy in my laboratory on the second (and last) day of roof replacement. Also, Gretchen sees opportunity in a trailer full of roofing debris.
06: dynamic allocation of database-specified sensors on an Arduino - In the weeds for those who care about a tricky feature I implemented to add additional known sensor types to an ESP8266 after it starts up.
07: inverter data blackout - It turned out that SolArk had migrated to a new platform, something I didn't figure out until I got to the cabin and found data transmission working correctly.
08: a pathological level of self-regard - At the cabin going down Terrence Howard rabbit holes.
09: kadai isn't vegan - After showing Gretchen the complete Lake Edward Trail, we drive home through Albany to stop at Trader Joe's. But we also get lupper at Maharaja.
10: olives and banana peppers - Gretchen prefers the former and I prefer the latter, but we don't hate the others enough to not have them intermingle a little on our pizza.
11: no caliper kits at the auto parts stores - I need to do something about a dragging brake on the Subaru Forester.
12: sushi ingestion highlight - Going to the Woodstock Farmers' Market for Gretchen while she is in the City.
13: healing confidence in professionals - We guests about to arrive, the rug cleaner dropped off the area rugs he'd cleaned and it confirmed something the roofers had started in my brain: that sometimes professionals are really good at what they do.
14: Charlotte's contribution makes the pack different - The replacement of Ramona with Charlotte makes the superorganism behave differently.
15: large fallen trees are actually rare - As you discover when you go searching for one. Also, not finding much with a magnet dragged along the floor of a lake.
16: the Lake Edward Trail is fairly straight - What you can learn from a well-made trail mapping app.
17: moths, blueberries, and acorns - The moths destroy the canopy, opening it up for blueberry plants, which make more fruit. But now the oaks can't collect the energy to make acorns.
18: an even better Spelling Bee - After suffering for too long using a hard-to-modify open-source Spelling Bee built on an esoteric Javascript framework, I decied to build a totally new Spelling Bee from scratch.
19: Asian jumping worms - They set Gretchen's hair on fire. Also, a backend for my version of Spelling Bee.
20: more network game features in my version Spelling Bee - Players can see each others' scores and even send messages.
21: vegan shibboleth - Gretchen sniffs out a vegan tea shop in Schoharie using a tell-tale misspelling of the word 'cheese.'
22: was Neville swallowed by the woods? - After our dogs disappeared on our walk to the lake, only Charlotte comes home two hours later.
23: woodchucks are only a menace to gardens - We eat take-out food at our friends' place in Woodstock.
24: poring over inverter data - I think I have a sense of where to find the useful data communicated from the cabin's SolArk inverter.
25: what Neville did on Saturday - When it comes to creatures in the forest, he is a vicious killer.
26: a focus on LoRa and tiny pins - I make a little progress, but not as much as I'd hoped.
27: television too painful to watch - More focus on LoRa. Then Joe Biden's disasterous debate performance.
28: dogs doing crazy shit - Between their jumping out of car windows and returning to the scenes of crimes, they ran me ragged.
29: saved by the Hines Pond outflow creek - I made the mistake of temporarily leaving the Lake Edward trail on the walk home and got very lost without navigation tools or even the sun to guide me.
30: bifurcation loop - I map the exact positions of the two bifurcations of the Woodworth Lake outflow creek. And then I drive to Hurley and Gretchen and I show up late for Ray's 57th birthday party.