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Monday, June 10 2024

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

At some point early this afternoon, Charlotte got so excited about what she seemed to think was an impending walk that she started barking enthusiastically at me from five feet away. I've seen her break into a sort of howl in such situations, but the barking was new. But I couldn't take them on a walk until I'd rolled up some area rugs that a crazy carpet cleaner named Tom was supposed to be picking up. And I also had to give Oscar his three o'clock lump of wet food. Only then could we go.
The coolness we'd experienced in the Adirondacks has also arrived in Hurley, though perhaps not as extreme. But it seemed to be suppressing the worst of the flies and maybe even diminishing the gypsy moth activity. There's now a lot of leaf litter in the forest from all the leaves gypsy moth caterpillars have partially eaten. I'm also seeing a fair number of caterpillars who look to have been killed by some sort of disease. (The way I remember the last gypsy moth infestation ending was with thousands of caterpillars converted into bags of dark brown fluid; perhaps that is also the fate of Earth's human infestors.)
Before Gretchen got back from work, I prepared toppings for a pizza and then stretched out a pizza dough on a pizza pan. We'd gotten the dough from Trader Joe's in Albany and it was speckled with herbs, a feature that we later decided was not particularly welcome. As for toppings, we didn't have any mushrooms, but we had onions, pan-seared tempeh, sliced tomato, spinach, olives, and banana peppers. Gretchen prefers olives and I prefer banana peppers, but since we can both tolerate a few of the one we don't prefer, we allowed those two toppings to overlap a little.

Meanwhile, I've been making more improvements and engineering important bug fixes for the new multi-sensor code on my remote control system, which I've been able to test with DHT sensors after getting a five pack of them in the mail over the weekend. In the future I imagine implementing improved control over complex devices like hot water heaters and boilers by wiring up multiple temperature sensors, much like how my existing solar hot water system works.

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