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Wednesday, June 12 2024
I awoke with a moderate hangover and it took awhile before I could motivate myself to leave the living room couch. First I drank a french press full of unexpectedly good coffee and only then did I take the dogs for a walk. We went on another loop through the forest via the Chamomile Headwaters and Stick trails, and on the homeward walk I wanted to shoot a long video of the scenery. But my SD card ran out of memory before I got to the good part. I lost the dogs somewhere back there, and they didn't come home for another hour or so. The next time I saw Neville, he was covered in mud.
Back at the house, I did some renaming of variables in my remote control system so that the explanation of how to implement it would be less confusing. Among the things I did was eliminate any reference to location_id in the configuration, since that idea has been replaced with device_id.

Then I took the dogs on a drive to Woodstock to run another errand for Gretchen while she was down in Manhattan. We'd be having guests later this week, and the menu planning for their visit had required a number of items from the Woodstock Farmers' Market, which is held every Wednesday afternoon. These days it's in the parking lot across Rock City Road from the Colony Café. On the drive there, I encountered a surprising traffic jam at the intersection of Routes 375 and 212 as cars dilly-dallied about making that left turn into Woodstock. I crawled for something like ten minutes before getting through the congestion. Then I stopped at the Woodstock branch of my credit union to get some cash (though most of the vendors at the Farmers' Market now take credit cards). I was only at the market briefly to get strawberries, "dinosaur" kale, and sourdough bread, though I also bought some bokchoy when I realized at the last second that I was about to buy strawberries from the wrong vendor but didn't want to buy nothing from that vendor at all. As I was leaving Woodstock, I saw that the traffic jam on Route 375 now extended nearly a quarter of the way to the Hurley Ridge Hannaford. That's like a half mile. I stopped at that Hannaford for a few more items and a tray of vegan sushi that would be today's ingestion highlight. (Other things I ate today included leftover pizza and Indian food.) Happily, the dogs didn't get into the sourdough bread while I was briefly in the grocery store.
Back at the house, I took Charlotte for a brief walk (which I abandoned when she didn't stay with me) and then mowed the grass.

I was fixing a few bugs in the little web page that my remote controller displays when Gretchen got back from the City at around 10:00pm. She then proceeded to work for another couple hours in the kitchen.

Neville after his adventures in the forest this morning. He's in a chair out on the east deck. Click to enlarge.

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