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Wednesday, November 4 1998
My copy robot has been my first great success at work. You type in a path name and it copies the file (and, if desired, embedded graphics) from the development server to all six live web servers. Working this way is much better than the old way, which required using a mouse to drag and drop to six different places for every website update. Using the Windows NT file manager was slow, error-prone and a terrible waste of the graphical user interface to achieve something far more easily accomplished with a command line. This one tool is already saving a half dozen of my co-workers lots of time. And still I'm finding things to automate, tools to make and then to hone. I am Gus, Creator of Robots.
It turns out that yesterday's votes on local San Diego referenda were, in the end, decidedly pro-growth and anti-environmental. People here are far more concerned about housing difficulties than they are about preserving open space. Freeway congestion is another major concern, but no one ever supports pumping real money into mass transit. No one wants to be the weirdo at work who rides the trolley, the one (like me) who can never take his colleagues to the Koo Koo Roo rotisserie chicken place.
People seem to be interested in the environment in proportion to how long they've lived in a place and how many roots they've established. Most newcomer people like me aren't especially concerned by displays of bulldozers and churned-up earth. Indeed, as much environmental sensitivity as has been instilled within me, it's difficult to have anything but the most superficial appreciation for nature in this transient land. And I never cared nearly as much about the environment around Charlottesville, Virginia (where I lived for two years) as I did about the land in and around my childhood home south of Staunton, Virginia (where I lived 20 years).

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