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August 2 1998, Sunday


  attacked the Dart with more precaution today, carefully and precisely hammering at rusted studs and nuts for a little while before attempting to turn them loose. After a lot of work and sweat, I finally got the manifold off. The gasket was blown in just one little tiny place. I'm still wondering what to do about the one broken stud. I think I'll try drilling it out, but that's going to require some additional equipment, since my drill won't fit in the space adjacent to the useless air conditioner pump.


rom all reports, Matt Rogers seems to be getting along pretty well with Spunky Lisa, though he keeps sending me vaguely insulting email trying to get me to make my online journal into either some kind of lovefest or something entirely fictional. One of his criticisms is that I'm unable to give my narrative without coming off as antagonistic towards my characters. He went on to say some other infuriating things, and as I continued to read, his criticism was increasingly realized. Sometimes I just want to smack that boy. I'm thinking his face would turn bright red and his eyes would get all big and perplexed if I bitch-slapped him. Of course, I'd never actually do such a thing in real life, but it's an amusing thought. Once back in the days of being a student at Oberlin College, I poured popcorn all over Matt Rogers after he ticked me off with that ludicrous patronizing air he's given to putting on. He provokes me, and he seems to be able to do it as well by email as in person.

I'm going to be living in Ann Arbor soon, so I'm going to have reach some kind of accomodation with the guy. But I think he should stop reading my journal, that's what I think, or else quit bothering me about it. It's pretty much all he wants to talk to me about and that's wrong, in addition to being warped, sick, twisted, flawed, and indicative of loser tendencies. Matt has to expect some damage getting so wrapped around the business end of this kind of mojo.

There, I got that off my chest, now see what a big boy you can be Matt and don't bother me about this obviously pointless juvenile tantrum.

one year ago
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