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Thank you for visiting and signing my guestbook. Your thoughts, comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

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From: Elly

Oh, yes, Gus, and then I'd take your thick hot shaft and piston up and down on that bad boy like the Mercury 250 in my daddy's fishin' boat, milking your dreamy cum ... uh Hey is this the guestbook? Oh no... No, Rudy, no, put down the knife, you know my thighs are made out of cottage cheese and will split open with the slightest impact!! No, no, nooooooo ahAHAHAHd2 220r8e8ef***&F& ....

From: Bill Buford

The problem with America today is that we do not have enough fine upstanding whores like yourself. We do not have enough fine whores, and we do not have enough Bradford pears. And also, we lack a true appreciation for the surreal.
Keep doin' whatcha do, and more power to ya!!

From: Arturo Bradford

Would you suck my fat, greasy member as I probe your yeast-ridden uterus with both hands, stopping only long enough to allow Rudy to lick my copious lovejuice from your decrepit visage? [let's see if you let THIS baby stand, you lying hypocrite].

From: The Turtle

Elaine, really. You're too hung up on "responsibility" as a function of "direct access for me, Elaine." When Reagan said something on television you didn't like, did you refer to him as a "jerkwad" because they didn't flash Ron's personal phone number on the screen for you, Elaine, to call and comment? Should every caller to the local AM talk-radio station be forced to state their phone number on the air so that you, Elaine, can comment to them personally off-air? Of course not. Therefore, any comments I made don't decrease in value simply because you can't fill my mailbox with your comments. You of all people should be aware that the only tangible effect of posting an email address on the web these days is to get piles and piles of ads from cyberpromo.com. I don't choose to do that. I do choose to use this space that you've provided. And of course, you always have the prerogative to remove it. And as far as "commenting on things I know nothing about," well, I'm puzzled by that. After 19 years in this business, there aren't many things in the networking and internetworking world I don't know about. I took the opportunity to review some of the writing of this "Gus," and while he may not be a toplevel net.wizard, his command of the tools at his disposal is quite respectable. I have to also comment on your email screeds with the individual questioning your use of an article from Time -- I spent some time in the 1980s in the area of intellectual property law in the online world, and there need be no precedents specific to the web -- US copyright law makes no distinctions regarding the medium of presentation -- "fair use" is quite clearly defined, and the fact that the use was in an online forum means nothing. By extension, your use of MIDI merely as window-dressing, totally outside any plausible "educational or academic" presentation, would appear to be clearly outside the bounds of "fair use." But please don't go by my opinion -- feel free to contact ASCAP at http://ascap.com and ask them, simply, "do you guys mind if I use music by Sting, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, and a bunch of other artists without paying them for their work?" Post the reply they give you here. I'll wait for it. For people too impatient to wait, be assured that not only is ASCAP aware of online copyright and licensing issues, they have an entire staff devoted to the topic and have, quite prominently featured, an online-services license agreement. The issue is not as gray as you'd have people believe. This is something other people depend on to pay their bills. Do you make your living from your website?

From: Troy Clay

From: Bernhard Gruber

Hello Elly,
really a wonderful site. Especially the "under destruction" page was very helpful. Keep on your
excellent work!
Greetings from Munich, Germany.


From: Scott

Oh goody, you're mad at someone again. I could set my watch by those mood swings. Now this is what I call fun reading! Oh, there's a new webring you might want to consider joining...

From: ~*SaMaRa*~
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Hey, it seems everything is over a little on your page. Oh well, that's why we have the thingi's on the bottom. See, I don't know what they're called, so i couldn't very well tell you some scientific name I also can't put a graphic on your page cause I don't think toast likes them. Shame, isn't it? Ok, I'll stop the babbling, you don't even know who I am!

From: The Turtle

Um, MIDI files are a huge waste of bandwidth, and after 11 years of working with them, I have yet to hear one that sounds decent played from a website. At least offer it as an option, rather than forcing everyone who visits to hear with. Remember, we pay for this bandwidth, and on a 28.8 things are not fast.

And what's with this "Gus" guy? Save your breath... getting worked up over it just shows the limits of your familiarity with the computing world. From what you're saying he sounds like some sort of net.wizard. True net.wizards can cause you far, far, far more harm than you'll ever be able to cause them... I suggest you not tickle the dragon any more than needed.


From: nice guy

hi! your midi is better than most i've heard, but is there anyway to keep it from blaring over my fugazi when I'm surfing your page? what sucks is that i had to go to the university of virginia to see your page, since you locked out the comet domain. no i'm not gus either. he's a jerk, but i can see him surfing the web two rows over in this computer lab!

From: Barbara Rush

Nice site. It looks like you've worked hard on the content as well as the graphics.

I'm using Internet Explorer. Here's how visitors can read your text: just highlight it with your cursor! See, it's not all that difficult.

From: Garrett Grant
ggrant2908@aol.com or ggrant2908@juno.com
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Looks great to me, Coni. Another time, I'll try Netscape.
Garrett Grant, San Diego, CA

From: rudy

hehehhe...hi babe! *blazing* saddle, you mean.
"baaadges? weee dun need no steeeeeeenkin' badges"
:) *smooch* talk to you soon! r.

From: Nina

You have a GREAT page, Elly! I wish you lots of luck and continued success.

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