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June 20, 1997

Elly's Slice of Cyberpie has closed. Many of you have written to me asking why this is so. The answer is quite simple:

Gus Mueller
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I'd like to note for the record that I have never met Mr. Mueller. I had never *heard* of Mr. Mueller until he began sending me hate mail. He attempted to do so anonymously, but a minimum of detective work on my part revealed his identity and site. I have never done anything to Mr. Mueller to warrant his animosity, and indeed, in his various emails he praises my site in the same sentences in which he slams it. He *demanded* that I change one page in particular. He was also indignant when I filtered out his email account at rocketmail and "forced" him to open a second account. Perhaps the most interesting thing about his various emails is that he admits his purpose in harassing me is just that: harassment. He blatantly states that because he logs on from various university workstations, I'll "never be able to track him down." Obviously, I did track him down.

The other reason, which is, admittedly, peripheral, is that a good friend told me he felt he was playing "second fiddle" to my website; that my site was more important to me than he or his friendship is. That is patently absurd, but when people I love feel that my site takes precendence over them, then it's time to do something about it. These two events, combined, have meant the demise of Elly's Slice of Cyberpie. If I were asked to weigh the importance of each, I'd have to say Mr. Mueller and the lies, slander and hatred he spread over at least two mailing lists and an as yet unidentified newsgroup would have to account for 90% of my decision. My friend's jealousy of the time I devoted to my site would count for 10%. After all, there were plenty of times I chatted with him when he was multi tasking on his site, too. I never resented the fact that I shared my time with him with his site, the telephone (which rings and interrupts our discussions continuously) etc., but I guess not everyone feels as I do.

Many of you have written to me with a plea to put The Pie back up. When I receive assurances from Mr. Mueller that I'll no longer be a target of his, I'll consider it. Don't count on that happening, however. He apparently takes great delight in trashing not only my site but every other site on the net he can. He has very negative things to say about a number of my friends' sites, though none of them warranted several days' journal entries on his part and to my knowledge, they weren't bad-mouthed and denigrated on mailing lists and in newsgroups.

I understand that most of you wouldn't want to get involved in this situation and get caught in the crossfire. If, however, you would like to do something to help, the following three places, two of them ISPs and one a free email site, are ones you can write to in order to voice your concern or dissatisfaction. None of them have taken my complaints seriously. The first is Mr. Mueller's ISP, which assured me they'd "resolve the matter within 24 hours." Apparently that was simply appeasement, as Mr. Mueller is one of their employees and they're treating the entire matter as a huge joke. The second address is the ISP which hosts my domain. They told me all they can do is filter emails, which I can do myself with my email program. I believe they could take a more proactive stand in this matter and contact Mr. Mueller's ISP regarding this situation. The third address is Rocketmail, where Mr. Mueller began his hate campaign towards me using the following addresses:


Rocketmail's usage policy clearly states that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Yet when I wrote to the address given, they ignored my emails. It's been four days and I've heard nothing from them. If you don't want to involve yourself in this fiasco, I certainly understand. But I could use as much support and assistance as possible in resolving this situation permanently. I would like to put my site back up, but I'll not do so only to have it used as a laughing stock or a target for further hate mail.


Please take time to visit this site. It offers hope when other don't.

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