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June 14 1998, Sunday



  had a dream last night that at the age of thirty I had to return to high school to complete some class I slacked off on some 13 years before. I occasionally have dreams like this, but every time I do, I'm older and the dream is that much more humiliating. I wonder if I'll still have dreams like this when I'm 80. To add to the drama of the dream, the high school I was attending was well-stocked with tough guys out for my blood. I had the sympathies of a lot of harrassed classmates, but let's just say I was happy when I woke up and it was all just a dream.

In another dream (it may have happened days ago), I was doing my road trip aboard a skateboard. I was riding it on my knees, though, and going very fast down the Interstate. The feeling of absolute freedom I experienced was something no one will ever have in a car.


  little excursion to my secret garden across the road interrupted my work today, but I was productive. I uploaded some more pictures after finally being able to get them off my camera. It's difficult to upload pictures in Charlottesville, since I don't know of any Windows 95 machines in the town where I can install my CoolShot software, except maybe in the Mudhouse if I'm sneaky. But it's hard to be sneaky when you're reaching around the back of a computer plugging in your own cables.

I put a lot of work into some neglected corners of my musings website, finally getting around to starting a people index, which is still under construction, as they say. If there are any people I'm forgetting please be sure to tell me. People don't have to be especially important for me to include them either.


ome things I did in the Shaque were best done on my AMD K-6 machine, which is installed in the bunk, a little 8 ft. by 6 ft. by 2 to 4 ft. space occupied mostly by a futon upon which I sleep. There's not a whole lot of air up there, and with a computer and monitor humming away, it gets warm, despite two bunk air intake fans running full blast. So I decided to install yet another fan, this one to grab hot air from behind my bunk computer and blow it out into the mainspace of the Shaque. I had to drill lots of holes and make some sawdust, but I got the intended result. The bunk is once again inhabitable.


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