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photos from a tussin day
June 10th, 1998

the window to the Corner The view out of Jessika and Deya's window in the Wertland Mansion towards the Corner. Note the blue bottle, one of many Jessika has had through the years, though of course this one may belong to Deya.

Gus in the mirror Me taking a picture of myself in the dresser mirror in Jessika and Deya's room. Notice the large number of "products" ontop of the dresser. Deya and Jessika had something fairly approximating an argument about this dresser at the beginning of their residence in the Wertland Mansion. Both of them wanted it and both asked me about it when I was moving out of my room at Kappa Mutha Fucka. It had been in my possession since the end of Big Fun, where it had been in Jessika's room; originally it had been on long-term loan from a girl named Carey. In the end Deya won the argument and its drawers now hold her things.

Quiet Andy-Bearded Andy-Balled Andy Quiet Andy. Hobbies include African drum making, African drum playing, and modeling small heads out of clay. As of June 10th, 1998, he lives in his van and works at Integral Yoga, the Swami-controlled natural food store at Preston Plaza.

Deya in the car



Deya driving her car. No, her arm is not usually purple.

Jessika and I in the rearview mirror of Deya's car. Notice the tiny camera I am using to take this picture.

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