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the crop circle expedition, a photo essay

Wacky Jen driving a carload of intrepid explorers. In typical form, she careens around curves at breakneck speed, often turned around conversing with people in the back seat and never seeming to notice impending collisions until the very last moment. Her heavy use of drastic braking occasionally causes the fragrance of her burning brakes to fill the air.

Wacky Jen (top) and Jessika (bottom) exploring a burned-out house on the farm rumoured to harbour crop circles. We observed and collected numerous interesting objects (many of them plastic things warped by the heat of the fire) in this house. Among these was the last record ever played on the stereo, a vinyl Loretta Lynn L.P.

Johnny Boom Boom Mancini on the stairs of the burned-out farmhouse.

Wacky Jen (left) and Jessika in one of the more intact rooms of the burned-out farmhouse.

Wacky Jen sits in one of the crop circles, proposing outrageous theories about how it may have been created.

Jessika, Johnny Boom Boom and Deya explore one of the crop circles.

Deya examines a crop circle while Durwood (Jen's friend) explores another part of the design with Jen.

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