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the Louisa Quarry, a photo essay

Morgan Anarchy kicking back on the ride to Gordonsville, en route to Louisa.

Jessika being weird with a butter knife in the back seat.

Ray Robot's mother (center) fed us at Ray Robot's house in Gordonsville. Here you can see Cecelia the Brazilian Girl (left) and the Boy Jesse, right.

Jessika and Morgan Anarchy getting ready to swim at the Louisa Quarry.

...first a little beer.

Jessika and Cecelia the Brazilian Girl acclimating themselves to the chilly quarry water.

Morgan ponders the water below from the top of the 40 foot cliff.

...first a little beer.

In the middle is the Boy Jesse, and below is some unknown adolescent redneck swimmer. Also visible is Jesse's dog, Opus.

More Morgan Anarchy.

Left: Ray Robot, complete with wife beater and Natural Ice.

Right: Cecelia the Brazilian Girl contemplates the water in the shallow end of the quarry.

A girl's bruises after a bad fall from the forty-foot cliff into the water below. This girl (named Natalie) had told Morgan Anarchy to push her unexpectedly because she couldn't muster the nerve to jump on her own free will. So, to distract her, Morgan complimented her breasts and then gave her a shove. She fell on her side and was bruised on her face, thigh and arm. After the bad landing, she swam around shouting, "I'm injured!"

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