January 24, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- overcast
Mood today -- totally out of touch
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 523%

Finally I'm back online! Not a moment too soon, either. I've suffered severe Internet withdrawls. :) For those of you who don't know, my phone was disconnected for a week or so. That's what comes of having a honey 10,000 miles away. I still can only call in a 12-mile radius, can't accept collect calls, can't call long distance, etc., ad naseum. And I have to tear up my calling card (no big deal as far as I'm concerned). So if you're more than 12 miles from me and want to talk, you gotta call moi. :) Payments on my nearly $3000 phone bill are $460 a month until it's paid off (major ouch!). Rudy, get yer butt to the casino and win enough moolah to pay both our phone bills (and buy an airline ticket while you're at it!).

I have racked my brain trying to think of something suitable we as a group can do to honor Missy. Being the vulgar, money-oriented American I am, the first thing that came to mind was taking up a collection to establish a small trust fund for Anastasia. But that's not practical when dealing with a medium such as the web. Who would oversee it? Who could we all trust with our $10? Etc. My next thought, and this is the one I'm going to do, is to create a webring for those who have lighted candles for Missy. If you want to be a site on the ring, please email me with your site title, the URL where you'll place the webring code and graphics, your email address and a password of your choice (allows you to change your webring information in the database at a later time if you need to). As soon as I've had a chance to create the ring, you'll get an automated response indicating that you're in the queue and giving you more directions on how to proceed. I hope everyone will form a permanent chain of love and admiration for Missy in this small way.


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