February 4, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- cold
Mood today -- grrrrrrrr
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 253%

Good news! The Webring Organization is back on its electronic feet and all the rings are functional again! YAY! Now I've got to catch up to three weeks' worth of webring stuff for my five rings. That ought to take...oh, a century or two. :)

Bad news! I have the flu again. :( And geocities nuked my account. I discovered someone linking back to my account there for graphics today and when I went to change the graphic to something not as nice *evil grin* my account was dust. Those people at geocities really irritate me. Just when they have something working right, they change it to something that doesn't work. I don't know if it's true of other neighborhoods, but in Heartland/Plains, you can't move in right now because their stupid vacancy located is all screwed up. So much for reclaiming my address and putting replacement graphics on the server.

GeoPlus people seem to have gotten nuked en masse as well. Scott, of Page One fame, had a GeoPlus account that suddenly turned into a normal account. And every GeoPlus account I try to access appears to have the same problem. Granted, it's the cheapest deal on the web for server space, but still.... you would think when you're *paying* for server space, the ISP would show a little bit more concern. But then again, look at what Fishnet did.

Speaking of Fishnet, I got a letter yesterday from a woman who is starting a list of "problem" providers. She wanted to include Fishnet on the list with a link to my page about my experiences with them. No problemo! I told her to be my guest, and that I'd fire up a similar page and we can start drawing attention to these "service" companies that have forgotten the definition of 'service.' I'll bet that's one list that will grow rapidly.

Good news! I *finally* heard a .midi file yesterday (over the telephone but beggars can't be choosers). Bad news! They're CHEESY sounding. They sound like the old Ab Lib stuff from ten years ago that was so hot. I think I'll wait until I can get something a bit classier before pursuing what the problem is with my sound card. What I heard did not motivate me to investigate further what's wrong with my system in respect to sound files. When I put Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb on here, I want it to ROCK, not sound like something from Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (ooooh.. nice alliteration!). Yuck.

Gee, it's so nice having a guestbook that lets me access it every time I want to. I've been scoping out the Pergatory II guestbook and it looks nice, too, but I'm hesitant to hand those fools my $5 for a "lifetime" guestbook (whose lifetime? Mine? Theirs?) since they folded up shop so unceremoniously before. I am seeing other functions popping up here and there in conjunction with their guestbooks, like cgi goto scripts, etc., so it looks like one might get access to some cool stuff with Pergaroty II, but I can't help but think that as soon as there are enough $5 "contributions" in their pockets, the owners will be off to Rio de Janeiro or something. I think I'll stick with Toast for now. :) Besides, like I said the other day, you just gotta lurve a guestbook called "Toast."

Something is fishy in Digital Postcard land. I tried to access the "pick your card up" function a few days ago and discovered it's going to the "send a card" function. I didn't change the code in any way, so I know it's not my HTML that's funky. It was working before just fine. I wrote to the powers that be at The Digital Postcard and have yet to hear anything back. Gotta love it when these big guys ignore you. If it doesn't get fixed soonish, The Digital Postcard at Elly's will be a thing of the past. It doesn't do a heck of a lot of good to receive a postcard from here and be unable to see it. Bummer, cos I really like having it. But hey... if it ain't gonna work right, it ain't gonna be on this page. :)

My dear friend DianaDru sent me an absolutely gorgeous graphic yesterday to commemorate our friendship. Check this out:

A Friend by DianaDru

Isn't it beautiful? I've gotta find a special spot for it amongst my 10 megs of site. :) DianaDru has probably *the* most amazing homepage on the web. If you've not visited The Lady of Passion and Mystery, do so today. You're in for *quite* a treat. Diana's pages are my fantasy pages. In fact, in many ways I've modeled my own site after hers, though we have different focii. Well, go see for yourself. They're simply the best.

Well, seeing as how Elly's Slice of Cyberpie doesn't stand a chance in The Site Fight of the Year, my voting strategy has changed. Now I'm voting for all three of the women's sites represented, and especially Vanny's Web Cabin, as she's the only one who has a chance to whup Emperor's Hammer. :) Don't get me wrong: Emperor's Hammer is a really cool site, but I have a problem with voting for a site that's basically a club with over 2000 members. With that kind of a voting block, the rest of us, who have just our own personal homepages, really don't stand a chance. Always comes down to politics, doesn't it? But that's just my personal opinion, and you know the old axiom about those. :) Be that as it may, I encourage everyone to visit The Site Fights and vote for their favorite pages, whether they be Emperor's Hammer or one of the other really cool pages entered in the competition. And you are allowed to vote for more than one page.... so if you like 'em all, vote for 'em all!

spotlightSite Fightsspotlight

I offered free server space to a really good cause yesterday. I need to follow up with that. As Dreamdweller domain is growing, I think I'll put a Dreamdweller Directory up. Thanks to Scott, my second "tenent" at Dreamdweller, who gave me the idea by designing a logo for it! Speaking of Scott, his site hasn't hit the one hundred mark on his counter yet, so here's today's plug:

Page One Logo

C'mon guys. I'm gonna keep bugging you 'til you visit! It's a *wonderful* site with lots of stuff to do and see. And Elly's Slice of Cyberpie was just recently awarded the Web Compass Familiar Port of Call Award from Page One. Woo! Can you spell N-E-P-O-T-I-S-M? ;) Seriously, though... thank you so very much Scott, for both the award and your kind words about my site. Heh. I feel like Page One's front door mat! LOL!

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