February 7, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- nondescript
Mood today -- semi-depressed
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 753%

The shuffling of pages continues. Please excuse any linking problems you have within this site for the next day or two, as the recoding and moving about is a pretty large job that I'm doing in bits and pieces. Sometimes the navigational bar on this page gets updated before the actual changes are made, or sometimes it lags behind a bit. If you get "page not found on this server" error messages, that's why. Everything should be straightened out (and actually improved quite a bit) by the end of the weekend.

Today is a migraine day. I had a commitment I had to meet this morning but I'm free for the rest of the day now. I asked Rudy if he'd like to be guest diarist here today, but he was stuffed full of yummy food from his Chinese New Year celebration at his aunt's house, so he was too lethargic to take me up on the offer. :) One of these days, when he's on a roll about something he feels strongly about, I'll get him to write this entry for a day. I think it would be great fun to have guest diarists here from time to time. If you feel you have something that would be appropriate to this format, let me know and I'll consider giving you the page for a day.

I'm working on getting the dreamdweller.com page done. Sharon has come up with a beautiful new border background for it and is now working on some unique lettering for the page logo. The logo designed by Scott will eventually grace most or all of my pages, and it's available for others on dreamdweller.com to use as well. I am so darned lucky to have such talented and generous friends. Thank you, Sharon and Scott!

Check this out. There are still people who practice professionalism and courtesy. Earlier this morning I tried to access my guestbook and got a message saying something like "'cyberpie' is an unknown account. Please contact the webmaster at Toast" and a link to that email address. Well, being the shy, reserved and timid redhead I am, I naturally wrote and asked what the deal was. I had not had a good morning and I'm afraid the tone of my letter was none too courtesy. I just received a four paragraph reply from John Matheson at Toast explaining that they were down for about 15 mintues and how to test my guestbook, etc. He further explained some instabilities in the 'net and that kind of thing. Now THAT is what I call a service-oriented organization. I love my guestbook and the folks behind it are terrific! Don't everyone change to Toast from Lpage, though. I want to keep a good thing all to myself. ;)

Speaking of service, it's time to fire off an email to the powers that be at my ISP. I asked the sysadmin to set up a cgi goto script for me about three weeks ago now. He told me it would take "a few days" to do but that he'd added it to his to-do list. I followed up about a week ago with an email asking if there was a problem and when could I expect it to be working, etc. He wrote back saying it was still on his list of things to do and that he'd email me when it was accomplished. Don't call me, I'll call you, in other words. So far, no cgi script. I really hate going over his head to his supervisor, but I don't know how to get results if I don't. It's so *$&@& frustrating dealing with these ISPs who either don't care or are overexpanded and don't have the time to service the clients they already have. I wonder if Toast wants to be my ISP. :)

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