February 18, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- clear and cool
Mood today -- motivated
Fly count for yesterday -- I haven't seen a fly in months!
HF Today -- 74.7%

Heeeeee.. so much for Dreambook! It was doing double entries whenever someone signed it. I figured out part of the problem with Toast and corrected it, but there's still something not right about it. The old entries are showing up now, but new ones aren't viewable! Go figure. I've written to the Toastmaster, who is *very* good about responding and working on problems, so I'm back with Toast. So far I've gotten the best, most personalized attention from them. My dear friend Theresa offered me the use of the cgi-bin on her server for a guestbook, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart, but if I can't get my own SysAdmin to set up the cgi scripts I need then I'm not going to impose on someone else's. And it's been something like five weeks now since I asked for the goto script to be put on the server so I can use it rather than Netcom for the navigational bar. If it ever gets done, it will be much faster and smoother for moving from one part of my site to another. I've kind of given up griping to the SysAdmin about it. He says it's not a high priority and I guess he's not lying. I was told originally it would be a few days. Now it's five weeks later and still no cgi. I'm NOT a happy camper. I think I'll fill out Jetlink's customer survey later today. *evil grin* The URL for that survey is http://www.jetlink.net/

Well, I've mentioned in these pages before that I sleep an average of four hours a night. I guess I was tired last night: I slept something like ten hours. I ought to be able to stay up for about three days now! This time Rudy woke up before I did, which never happens. I must have needed some serious rejuvenation.

I'm a bit blue about a couple of friends who seem to be upset with me for some reason. I haven't heard from either of them in a long time, and my emails to them are going unanswered. I'm not quite sure what I did to upset them, but it's pretty obvious they're mad at me about something. I wish they'd just tell me so I could right whatever wrongs I've done them, or at least try to. One of them has made a point of communicating with Rudy and sending him a couple files that I would also liked to have had (which she knows), so it's fairly obvious the exclusion is conscious. I really hate it when I've inadvertantly hurt others and don't know it and am not given the opportunity to rectify it. I just wish these two women would talk to me about it.

Major thanks to all the kind, wonderful folks who have bestowed their awards on my site lately. They are too numerous to name individually, but you can see their beautiful awards and link to their sites from my awards pages. I am honored and proud of every award Elly's Slice of Cyberpie wins, and I treasure each and every one of them. Thank you, all! And thank you to Rudy for nominating me for a special award, The Class Act Award. *smooooooooooooooooch* Thank you, babe!

I'm trying to figure out how to cut down the load time on this page but so far I've only been able to eliminate one element that was slowing things up. All the other graphics seem rather necessary to me. I suppose I could ditch the "sign my guestbook" and "directory of pages" ones, but I'm so darned proud of those, and they add such a nice touch to the page. Another option would be to have a pre-main page page with the quote from Chief Seattle and the pie logo on it. But I don't much care for pages which use that device and I'd prefer not to add mine to their ranks. Anyone have some ideas? I think I'll take the graphics for this page to Gif Wizard and see if I can compress them any to speed things up.

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