March 8, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- to early to tell
Mood today -- sleepy
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 314%

No borders today, I promise. It took this page forEVER to load yesterday. In fact, I really want to decrease the load time some more, but without giving up any of my graphics. Gif Wizard, here we come. :) I made a few borders yesterday, but I'm kind of waiting until I can get Windows95 reinstalled and download PSP 4.0 which has a ton of features my version of PSP does not. I keep looking at Sharon's and Theresa's and Terry's borders and that's enough to make me hold off on putting my own up for grabsies.

It is amazing to me that people who apply for awards don't bother to read the criteria. On the Feathered Perfection page, I clearly state in the first criterion that the award is for bird-related pages only. Of the four sites I visited last night that had applied for the award, only *one* had anything to do with birds. The Cyberpie Heavenly Page award is a bit better, since it's open to everyone, but lately I've been getting a slew of Bible-thumpers applying for it. I suspect they see the word "heavenly" on the award somewhere and assume it's a Christian-oriented award (though again, I state on the criteria page that the use of the term "heavenly" does NOT denote any specific religious preferences on my part). And I have, in the past, given the award to pages with heavy Christian content. But my patience with being preached to is running very thin. When I got to a page last night that had the topic "I know where I'm going to spend eternity... do you?" that was the final straw. I'm redesigning that award *today* and coming up with a new name. You can still apply for the Cyberpie Heavenly Page Award until I get the new one designed and a page for it going, but please.... if your site is designed simply to convert me to Christianity, don't bother. I find the aggressive pushing of *any* religion to be extremely offensive. If you are a Christian and mention it in your pages without losing sight of the fact that you have more to offer than just proselytizing, that's fine. I respect everyone's right to choose their own religion. Just don't try to shove your belief system down my throat, please.

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