April 12, 1997

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- cool and windy
Mood today -- content
Fly count for yesterday -- 2
HF -- 53%

The overhaul of my Diary Archives has been completed and is now much easier to navigate (as well as lookng mighty sharp). Thank you to Cardigan for allowing me to swipe the code for his fabulous calendar tables.

I had a really nice chat with a friend last night while waiting for Rudy to log on. Unfortunately, I missed Rudy by at least an hour. I'd logged off and gone to bed by the time he got on. It's kind of difficult, because he keeps telling me that I know what time he'll be online, but I really don't. It can be anywhere between 10 pm and 2 am my time. Then when I mentioned that I waited on IRC for him a couple nights ago, he was angry with me and told me I was trying to place blame on him for conditions beyond his control. That is, of course, patently ridiculous. I know the limitations he's operating under right now: he's completely dependent on the whim of a friend to be able to log on at all. It made me sad and angry that he'd think that of me. So when he hadn't logged on by midnight (my time) last night, I assumed he was not going to do so, since he had to be at work in a short time anyway. And now, after spending another morning chatting with another friend, I'm kind of thinking it might be good for Rudy and me to have a few days apart, until his phoneline in his own home is working again. He indicated that he feels I'm pressuring him by wanting to talk to him. Well, hey... that's the last thing I want to do. So I'm going to make myself unavailable after about 9 pm my time for a few days. He won't have to feel any pressure from me and I won't come away from our conversations in tears. Fair trade.

My next project for this site, which I plan to tackle this afternoon, is a combination photo album/scrap book. So many people have sent me their pictures and little mementos honoring holidays or friendship or hugs when I'm blue, and I don't really have a page in existence already that's appropriate for these wonderful things. So Elly's Photo Album & Scrap Book will hopefully be online later today.

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