September 16, 1996:

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- Cool and overcast
Mood today -- Well rested for a change
Fly Count for yesterday -- 7
HF today -- 4338116%

My deepest apologies to all who have written me email in the last 24 hours or so and have yet to hear from me. Patrick O'Connell ( or hacked my account several times and locked me out so I couldn't get email or update these pages. By the time you read this, obviously the situation will have been remedied. I'll drop the subject since I'm sure it's getting old, but Pat's actions shan't be forgotten and I shall pursue whatever legal recourse is open to me.

Many thanks to The Award Ward for presenting my pages with their award. Also, deep thanks and appreciation to Eye Candy for the presentation of their very prestigious award. I'm pleased and proud to report that my pages scored a 93 with their reviewers. And thanks are due also to CMR Custom Graphics for the presentation of their Outstanding WWW Site Award. I am honored and proud to have received these awards.

Some new sections have been added today. Check them out. I'm working on a holiday page in honor of Halloween, and if anyone knows of some good links for it, please E-mail me. I hear through the grapevine that Sharon from Ace of Space Backgrounds is working on a Christmas border background, and I've begun collecting links and information for that, as well. I kinda like this idea of throwing up appropriate seasonal pages every year!

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