September 18, 1996:

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- Rather nondescript
Mood today -- Good
Fly Count for yesterday -- didn't keep track
HF today -- 80%

Many thanks to the following folks for their recent bestowal of awards on my homepage:

SOS International Corporation

slg's NetWorld

MikenSharyi's Homepage

Ace of Space Backgrounds

And a very special thank you to John Sauvageau of Omega for featuring this homepage in the September 18, 1996 edition of Compuflash Bulletin. Wow! I made an e-zine! *grin* Thanks, John!! Please visit these and all the other wonderful sites which have so honored my HTML efforts.

Fun, fun, fun! I'm having too much fun. The section I've been working on, Lie Down On My Couch, is coming along nicely; better than I thought it would, in fact. It is indeed interactive, but rather than posting people's comments on the page, I'm working on a fill-in-the-blank-type questionnaire which will then generate your very own report. The page is coming along, and I hope to have it linked into here by tonight or tomorrow. Pet Peeves and Other Anathema is going to be a fun one, too. I've linked it to here already, but I haven't really begun work on it. Feel free to email me with YOUR pet peeves for inclusion on this page! Other stuff I'm working on right now are my two webrings, The Parrot Ring and The Migraine Ring. I'm writing the code for these currently, and the graphics angel, Sharon of Ace of Space Backgrounds is working on the logos and icons that will accompany the code. For someone who has ZERO programming experience, it is truly gratifying to watch my stuff actually WORK!

Well, the birds are yelling for breakfast so I guess it's time to ftp this on over and get on with the chores of real life. :) Hope everyone has a fabulous day, and thanks for visiting!

UPDATE 1050 hours: Every time I leave mention of Patrick O'Connell off this page, he sends me more email. At first I thought he didn't understand that if he simply ceases all communication with me, I'll not refer to him here. Now, however, I'm beginning to wonder. The timing of my diary entries juxtaposed with the timing of his emails to me leads me to wonder if he has some twisted need to be continually badmouthed on this page. I'm sure, like me, y'all are getting tired of hearing about it. Oh well. If you are, skip over this portion of the page and find something fun or mentally stimulating on the other pages! If, on the other hand, you're wondering how this idiotic melodrama is progressing, here are some ripe quotes from Patrick's last email to me:

"I have no wish to spend enormous amounts of time and money pursuing a lawsuit against an ex-friend, one that I still care for,..." (ROTFLMAO!)

"I won't try to bring charges against you in the U.S., and I won't sue you. You say you want to let this die down, but you continue to trash me on your site. If you don't stop, the course of action I have described above is not going to be the one I pursue." (makes lots of sense, eh?)

"I have a reputation to protect out there, Elaine...if you won't voluntarily stop this, and there is any way I can stop this, I'm going to. whatever it takes." (gee... all 6,483,692,748 internet users are thinking poorly of Pat? What a MASSIVE ego! What really cracks me up is that probably a grand total of ten or fifteen people see this diary every day. Hope poor Pat's reputation doesn't take too much of a beating from such wide exposure.)

NOTE TO PATRICK: Stop attempting to communicate with me and all mention of you, your enormous ego, and your irrational and felonious behavior will disappear from this page. It's your choice, dude.

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