September 28, 1996:

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- Fairly warm considering it's 0530 hours. :)
Mood today -- Sleepy right now but hoping to be energetic and focused in a few hours. Fly count for yesterday: 1, but it was a righteous one. :)

Well, my good buddy Sharon provided me with mega fun yesterday. Seems there are a group of teenagers ripping off other users by linking to their servers for graphics, etc, rather than downloading them to their own servers. Is it a coincidence that 99.9% of these "bandwidth bandits" are from Geocities and Angelfire? I think not, Scooter Pie. The problem with the freebie page services is that users are bound to get greedy and try to figure out how to beat the system. What some of these 13-15 year olds don't realize is that the people they're linking into are being charged monthly fees for this, and some may lose their sites entirely because a bunch of teenagers got avaricious. Sharon was one of the folks whose stuff was being linked to on her server. Instead of bemoaning her fate, she took the bull by the horns and developed Ace of Space Net Detectives. I'm proud to be one of the first Detectives on the job, and I had a blast going from site to site and letting these kids know that it simply is not acceptable to do what they're doing. One seems repentent; the rest would like to boil me in hot oil and then get mean. :)

One of my best friends is visiting his family in Singapore right now, and he's driving me absolutely crazy because his social life there is non-stop. I miss spending time with my bud! I can't wait 'til he heads back to Brisbane, Australia and mellows out a bit.

Only one person emailed me yesterday with suggestions about adding "new" and "updated" signs to stuff, so I'm going with that person's suggestion and reintroducing them to my pages. It's a hassle to change them all the time, but it does make it easier for regular visitors to target what areas they want/need to look at.

Did you know that I've created three new webrings? The first, The Parrot Ring, is off to a fantastic start. I've been promoting this new service quite a bit among bird folks, and my efforts are paying off. The second webring, The Migraine Ring, has yet to get going. I have a homepage partially completed, but I really can't go out promoting that site until the graphics and complete HTML code fragment are completed. The third, page, the Holiday Pages Webring, is still in its infancy, without even a home page having been created. If you are a parrot person, suffer from migraine headaches, or have a page/sub-page devoted to any holiday (international ones, too... it doesn't have to be strictly American), please let me know. The Parrot Ring is listed belowk, as is The Migraine Ring, and the Holiday Pages Webring Home Page should be online within the week. In addition, I'm still working on Lie Down on My Couch and Christmas Fun., among others. :)

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