October 20, 1996:

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- Sunny but cold *brrrrrrr*
Mood today -- Energetic
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 100%

Wow! I have some thanks to give out! I am truly honored and proud that the awards shown below have recently been bestowed on my pages. I hope everyone who sees this page will take a few minutes to visit these excellent sites, where you'll find loads of great information, links, graphics and beautiful websites to boot!

Critical Mass Award Bunny Award Christine's Star Site Award Award for Excellence I Am Not Addicted Award Blue Jay Award Excellent Homepage Design

I mentioned in yesterday's diary that I was hoping to be able to use a certain graphic image on my page, and was in a bit of a quandry because I'd not heard from the woman on whose page I'd seen the image. Well, I heard from her and she said, 'cool!' It's the poignant quote by Chief Seattle shown above. Not only does this message sum up my basic life philosophy, but it says something about this thing we call the World Wide Web, as well. To those of you who steal bandwidth or graphics: read it carefully and reflect. Many, many thanks to Wagon Train Home Page for allowing me the use of this image and to Scooter's Place for pointing me in the right direction of the owner.

I made a new friend yesterday in the *strangest* way. I had received a request for on of the goofy Elly's Your Page Sucks awards and went to scope out the page. Lo and behold, I discovered BLATANT swiping and plagiarism of the Ace Place Award, owned and copyrighted by my dear friend Sharon from Ace of Space. It was being offered as an award on someone's page, and I just went ballistic. I wrote a nasty note to the perpetrator and zipped off emails to several people who don't mind jumping into this kind of fracus. I notified Sharon immediately, of course, and she began to do what she could to recover the image from the page where I'd seen it and from the two sites who had received this bogus 'award.' Thankfully, the person who was doing this turned out to be a rather neat woman who removed the image immediately from her pages. In fact, the pages she had up were practice ones only; she'll be putting up her real pages in the next few weeks. The plagiarized awards turned out to be a rather backhanded compliment to Sharon's work, for this woman admired what Sharon had done was trying to learn to achieve the same effects herself. Anyway, to make a long story a little shorter, this woman and I have been corresponding back and forth now (after I apologized for calling her a 'creep!') and she's turning out to be really terrific. I'm looking forward to seeing how this potential friendship progresses. It's so wonderful to have good friends on the web.... and I am eternally grateful to Sharon, Windy, Diana, Terry and several others whom I am fortunate enough to count among my cyberfriends. :)

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