November 1, 1996:

Dear Diary:

Weather today -- brrrrrrr cold
Mood today -- introspective
Fly count for yesterday -- 0
HF Today -- 110%

I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween. We didn't get many trick or treaters this year, as there was a really terrific haunted house across the street and that's where the kids headed for the most part. I didn't dress up this year or anything. My big thrill for Halloween this year was grabbing graphics off the web in hopes of doing a more elaborate Halloween page in the future. Sheesh. What a netaholic I've become.

Woo hoo! Elly does the Happy Dance! The very finest site on the web for beautiful, elegant horizontal bars is back online! After nearly a month's absence from the web, A+ Art is back and looking GREAT! Wasn't I just moaning the other day in this diary that I feared they were gone for good? That'll teach me. Faith, woman! Have faith! I hope you'll check them out. In addition to 26 PAGES of bars, they have tons of great clip art, bullets, backgrounds and animated gifs. YAYAYAYAAYAY!

A+ Art

A most amusing incident occurred yesteday afternoon. I was informed that I had been removed from the D'NA Elect Ring by the webmaster, Dan Clegg. Though no real reason was given for the removal of my site, a reference to fact that I personally dislike frames was made and the author went on to say my site could benefit fom their employment. I could only assume I was removed from the ring because of my pesonal tastes. The most amusing part of all this is that the webmaster is fourteen years old and about as pretentious as they come. The 'requirement' to be a member of the ring is that Mr. Clegg must think your homepage is one of the very best on the web. Apparently mine was considered as such until I took up a public stand against the use of frames.

Anyway, I decided to be just as elitist and arrogant as this child was trying to be with me. I wrote back to him, correcting his utterly atrocious spelling and grammar. Then I visited his sites. It was interesting to note that there were five sites in the D'NA Elect Ring, four of which are his, and those could REALLY benefit from some professional webpage design work. The fifth site is one that is comprised of primarily advertisements, with three or so little awards appended to it near the bottom. Quality rules. I tried to email him from the ring's page, but he programmed his email address incorrectly so I had to go to his homepage to email him. Once again, I pointed out his spelling and grammatical errors.

Well, after I'd had my fun jerking this poor kid's chain, I removed the ring graphics and code from my pages and got on with other business. A little while later I received a letter from a dear friend who was also removed from the D'NA Elect Ring with no reason given. She handled the situation far more diplomatically than I, writing back to ask him why she had been removed, etc. His response was that her pages are "REALLY REALLY good, but only the verry [sic] best can be in the ring." If I were to mention whose pages he was referring to, *many* of you would howl with laughter, as her pages are generally regarded as some of the very finest on the web. I think my own pages are pretty good, but hers blow mine right out of the water.

Anyway, she was writing to me as friend and fellow ringmistress because she'd been unceremoniously removed from not only the D'NA ring, but another one as well. She had written to the ringmaster of that ring to find out why she'd been removed and that charming man won't even return her email. He's going to be hearing from me today, and most likely I will withdraw my site from his ring in protest. Oh, but I'm getting off the point here. My friend didn't realize I had also been removed from Snots-R-Us Webring, but when I forwarded copies of all my correspondence with Mr. Clegg to her, she cheered up considerably and decided to do some minor improvements on the D'NA Elect Award, which we had both received for our pages. How do you like the new and improved version?

NEW dna award!

ROTFLMAO! Woo hoo! Way to go, friend! *hugs* to you! I think with all the various colored ribbons floating 'round the web protesting various things, this lovely image would make a fine symbol of protest against elitist children, don't you? ;) It will, from now on, be gracing this page permanently as my own protest against elitism, pretentiousness and really bad grammar. I had to laugh at the last response I got from Mr. Clegg. He wrote: "Wow. im verry sory..... dont correct my grammer anymore." So I wrote back correcting his spelling, instead. God, I'm sooooo bad.

By the way, if you're wondering what D'NA is an acronym for, another friend suggested is must stand for "DO NOT APPLY!" Hahahahahahhahahaahah!

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